Five Cryptocurrencies That Have The Greatest Long and Short Term Futures, Risk and Why?

In this article, I will discuss the five cryptocurrencies that have the greatest long and short futures, risk and opportunities in the coming years 2020 and onwards.

Before moving towards our main topic we will discuss what are the Best Cryptocurrencies to invest right now in December 2019.

The Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2019
The Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2019

The Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2019

I assume its now not an appropriate decision to be worried about which is the best. Because Not all of them resolve the issues we are going through right now in our monetary system.

I would count on what the fundamentals are understood and why we need the blockchain. As we embody the dawn of digital currencies, challenges are but to be solved, There is scalability, there is security, and there is decentralization.


It is a first technology coin and it has one major use and that’s a shop of value, it can without difficulty change gold. It has safety and decentralization however it is no longer scalable and that’s why it has a few forks.


It is the second generation coin, it a governance coin and it has injected in int so many ERC 20 tokens most of the pump and dump schemes. Failure to notice this you hazard being rekt. Ethereum suffers scalability.


All of these and few different tokens are 0.33 generation coins who have increased on Ethereum and most threatening to substitute Ethereum. Onto this cash, you will discover gambling, pornography, games, etc. They too are for governance.


These are the coins that want to resolve the border payments.

Maybe there is a fourth-generation coin that will amalgamate these features or one of the noted comes up as the leader no one knows. The dangers are high so are the opportunities. But something large is coming.

Donald trumps jab at the federal reserve, his change wars with china, His bid for re-election in 2020, What Brexit potential to crypto. Its a froth of activities. 

Five Cryptocurrencies Have The Greatest Long and Short Term Futures, Risk and Why?

Metal (MTL) - The first-rate way to send money to friends. It's the sole repayments app that permits you to send cash and crypto to buddies AND rewards you for doing it.

Why? Staking. You can stake it and earn extra Metal monthly. They’re going after Paypal, CashApp, Venmo. Remember that 13 12 months ancient who made a deal with his grandma if he can flip $1,000 into $1m by means of the time his 18 his now not going to college? Well, he sold BTC and now dull rich. He put $9m on Metal.

EOS - EOS - The native cryptocurrency of the EOS blockchain, developed with the intention of facilitating environment-friendly and scalable decentralized functions (Dapps).

Why? They have their own blockchain and exquisite cheap. All tasks will be the usage of EOS to design as antagonistic to Ethereum. Ethereum is nearly at capacity…they’re no longer scaling either.

Ripple (XRP)
Why? All they need is 10% of Swift’s business. PNC Bank (the 8 largest banks in the United States) introduced remaining week they’re now processing international transactions with Ripple

Tron (TRX) - Blockchain-based decentralized platform that objectives to build a free, world digital content amusement system with disbursed storage technology, and approves handy and within your budget sharing of digital content.

Why? The amusement enterprise wishes assist and Tron is giving it to them. First come, first serve.

VeChain (VET) - Blockchain-enabled platform that is designed to decorate supply chain management processes. presents retailers and buyers with the ability to decide the fantastic and authenticity of products that are bought.

Why? Supply chain management has been frustrating for years. Imagine sending a load from Florida to Texas and no longer knowing what happens to it until it receives there. This is one of the issues the VET is solving.


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